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All our Natural zircon comes directly from the Borkeo mines in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. Ratanakiri literally means Gemstone Mountain.

Borkeo is known to be the best place for mining the most beautiful natural blue zircons on earth, although Blue zircon is mined in several other countries no other places on earth match the Borkeo stones, they are well known and admired for their deep blue color and shine.

Natural zircon sadly suffers from confusion with cubic zirconia, an artificial manufactured imitation of diamond. Many people are unaware that there is a genuine and natural beautiful gemstone called zircon and therefore confused with the cheap imitation.

Zircon is available in many colors but the bluest color is the most popular. Previously, the colorless zircons were most popular because they look like diamond but the market was taken over by the cheap factory-made cubic zirconia when it came on the market.

Zircon is one of the heaviest stones that exist. Its SG "specific gravity" which is its atomic density is 4.60-4.70 compared to diamond which is 3.52 and sapphire which is 4.00. This means that a 1 ct. zircon looks substantially less than 1 ct. diamond as its atomic density is larger and heavier. All gemstones are measured by weight. 1 ct. = 0.2 grams.

The hardness of zircon is 7.5 on the Mohs scale.
Its many color options, its rarity and relative unjust low price make zircon very popular for those who know that a zircon gemstone is, and that they have nothing to do with the artificial cubic zirconia.

Since natural zircon has been a little known and often misunderstood stone, they can be expected to increase significantly in value in the near future, so now is a good time to buy natural zircon as jewelry, or investment stones.

Natural blue zircon is known as the birth stone for people born in December, a good Christmas gift, birthday gift or something blue for a bride.

A certificate of authenticity can be issued from the Gemological Institute in Cambodia, which is the only authorized institute that can issue certificates for gemstones in the country.

With a certificate you can rest assured that all of our gemstones are 100% authentic / Natural and certified by a highly qualified specialist. Certificates can be issued for a small fee.

Our price is for the stone, if you want a stone mounted in jewelry of your choice, just send us your design or choose from our selection. We will give you a positive deal depending on your choice of stone and other materials.

We hand pick our stones directly from the mines and follow them every step of the way from raw to processed, cut and polished stones, only in this way can we keep our prices at a competitive level. And guarantee the authenticity of every single stone.

We love the stones and do our utmost to provide our customers the best products and service possible.


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